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Monthly Archives: October 2014

WWC Frank Renden 10.27.14


Our guest today is Frank Renden, a Mescalero Apache originally from Texas, now living in Homestead Oregon. Frank is an entrepreneur, that you might say is a miniature stock contractor. His contribution to the world is providing Mutton Bustin competition at state and county fairs around the country. Frank is interesting to visit and discusses his contribution to the world, providing fun for children.

WWC Wally Mosbrucker 10.20.14


Wally Mosbrucker is the epitome of the example of being behind the scenes of any sports competition. In an observation, it may be noted that he does the work, that would usually take about 10 people to do. Wally took the time to visit with us and share some insight to his success. He discusses what it takes to be compatible with family in business and credits his mom as the one that keeps it all together.

WWC Lynn Hart 10.13.14


Native American day in South Dakota is Monday, October 13, 2014. That was no small feat accomplished by Yankton Sioux Tribal member, Lynn “Smokey” Hart. Lynn single handedly addressed the late great Gov. George Mickelson and lawmakers to make changes for recognition of American Indians. South Dakota is the first state to recognize Native American Day and one of the last four states in the Union to recognize Martin Luther King Day annually. Hart, a veteran Marine discusses taking steps 24 years ago in 1990, changing the face of the nation, with his home state first, South Dakota, USA

WWC NSU Wolverine Marching Band 10.06.14


The Northern State University Wolverine Marching Band, from Aberdeen, South Dakota, provided quite a show for the annual Marching Band Day in Menno, SD. They were a great influence for all of the high school marching band members competing. We had the opportunity for an interview with the three drum majors, two gals and a very charismatic future Marine. Their enthusiasm expresses the opportunities, fun and potential scholarships in their field of entertainment around sports.