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Monthly Archives: May 2015

WWC Peter Gebara 05.25.15


This week on Word With A Champ, we feature a very interesting man, Peter Gebara. Peter is the Managing Director of Contour Entertainment Dubai. We are pleased to have him as our guest, considering his foresight, desire for the success of youth and preserving our world. Peter is a worldly man that believes in the power of imagination.

WWC Brian Dewey Patison 05.18.15

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This week Word With A Champ is in Antalya, Turkey on the Monster X World Tour. Brian”Dewey”Patison from Washington is our guest. Dewey is a monster truck driver and a hunting guide. We focus on his hunting aspirations. A polite young man that has an interesting story and encourages youth to reach their potential.

WWC Dan Thelen 05.03.15


Some of the most important people in our world are teachers and coaches. Dan Thelen has been a coach for 37 years and has made a difference in many lives. Coach Thelen specializes in the track and field event of pole vaulting. Dan shares his passion and experience of athletes that are all about jumping very high in the sky.