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Monthly Archives: July 2015

WWC Full Throttle Trick Riders 072715

BEmily-Peebles-and-Shelby-PiersonLISTEN TO INTERVIEW

Full Throttle Trick Riders are two very talented horsemen, that are comprised of two young ladies, Emily Peebles and Shelby Pierson. They perfect the skill of an art developed centuries ago for hunting and warfare. In today’s world, the dedication of two teenage girls contributes to the entertainment of thousands of people across the American continent. It is a pleasure to have these polite athletes from Canada, on this weeks episode of Word With A Champ.

WWC Brandon Lincoln 07.20.15

Brandon-lincoln-LOGO-147x151LISTEN TO INTERVIEW

Hopi Indian Cowboy, Brandon Lincoln, from Arizona is a PBR bullfighter and our guest on Word With A Champ. Brandon was prestigiously selected to protect Indian Country’s best bull riders 5x’s at the Indian National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. From fighting bulls to team-roping, Brandon is a true cowboy that cherishes his family and puts them first in his life.

WWC Pastor Mike 07.13.15


Pastor Mike Hecht from South Dakota is our guest this week on Word With A Champ for NV1 Radio Network. Pastor Mike discusses his career starting with serving the Navajo for 11 years, then the Cheyenne River Sioux. Pastor Mikes big heart is obvious as he shares his very active mind, that revolves around spiritual guidance.