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Monthly Archives: April 2016

WWC Bill Robinson 04.25.16

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Bill Robinson survived 7 years in Vietnam Nam as a Prisoner of War. The sacrifice this hero made for our United States of America and her people, is immeasurable. Bills story and views of what people give to serve our country is inspirational, to say the least. We are honored to have this man on our show to recognize the privileges and freedoms that we have as Americans and those that died for our right to vote.

WWC Keenie Marie Word 04.18.16

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Keenie Marie Word, enrolled member of the Oglala Lakota Nation of South Dakota is successfully chasing her dreams in the country music industry. An inspirational story of a beautiful young lady, that lost her dad, Grady Word, when she was only 11 years old. Her mom Kelli continued tremendous support. Grady would be proud of the faith, determination and developed talent, Keenie is taking to Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee.

WWC Skeeter Kingsolver 04.11.16


Skeeter Kingsolver is a 2X qualifier for the Professional Bull Riders, World Finals in Las Vegas at 24 years of age. An interesting story ensues after he saw a flyer for a bull riding school in a gas station, when he was 12 years old, in his small hometown, McLouth, Kansas. Skeeter, absorbed what he learned at the 3 day school and has become one of the outstanding talents in a field of contestants with much depth in the PBR. His talent is backed with a rare combination of confidence and modesty. His natural flow riding bulls is obvious in his game plan for each animal, none; Kingsolver is a master of bull riding technique mixed with natural athleticism.

WWC OJ Bergeron 04.04.16

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Yoga coach, OJ Bergeron is our guest on this weeks episode of Word With A Champ. Yoga classes are designed for the fitness industry in that they are a demystified, contemporary form of yoga. Benefits include muscle balance, skeletal alignment, muscle strength, muscle elasticity, increased range of motion, improved coordination, and improve function of internal glands and organs. Develops deep breathing techniques, which is beneficial to all forms of exercise and essential to the well-being of the body.