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Monthly Archives: November 2016

WWC Chance Beicker 11.28.16

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Airline pilot chance Beicker is our guest this week on Word With A Champ. We had the good fortune of meeting the 6’6″, 24 year old pilot in Spokane, Washington on a shuttle headed to the airport. Young Chances story is one of the freedom of following your dreams to fly the skies and accept the responsibility of people’s live in your hands.

WWC Dr. Mallory Cicmanec 11.21.16

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Doctor of Dental Surgery Mallory Cicmanec, a former successful NCAA pole vaulter for Purdue University is our guest this week. Word With A Champ is pleased to have Dr. Cicmanec share her story of a child’s dream to make people smile. Young Dr. Mallory’s story is one of dedication and success, making a difference in people’s lives.

WWC Brandon lincoln 110716

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Hopi Indian Cowboy, Brandon Lincoln, from Arizona is a PBR bullfighter and our guest on Word With A Champ. Brandon was prestigiously selected to protect Indian Country’s best bull riders 5x’s at the Indian National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. From fighting bulls to team-roping, Brandon is a true cowboy that cherishes his family and puts them first in his life.