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Monthly Archives: August 2018

WWC Jessica Routier 08.27.18


Sometimes it just take one good horse. Jessica Routier of South Dakota found that horse and is driving and riding to Qualify for the wrangler national finals rodeo this December in Las Vegas. Jessica, mother of five, discusses how Her life has changed and celebrates the support from her family.

WWC Ken Hoff 08.20.18


Ken Hoff from Mandan, North Dakota is a go-getter when it comes to serving his community providing motor sports entertainment at the Dakota speedway. Ken discusses his passion for what he does, the effort it takes and how it relates to his real life business as a locksmith. The virtue of trust is a valued ingredient and his family business and motorsport endeavors.

WWC Ote Berry 08.13.18


Ote Berry is a four time World Champion and Hall of Fame Steer Wrestler in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Mr. Berry endured the physical and financial hardships en route to stardom in a merciless sport that tends to make colleagues seem like family. It has been a privilege to watch Ote from college days to now, in his success creating a Jr. Steer Wrestling League, supporting the youth and future of our sport and country. We are happy to have this man that is big, fast and smart, with a lions heart, this week on Word With A Champ.

WWC Marty Barnes 08.06.18


One of my favorite individuals in our cowboy life, Marty Barnes is our guest this week on Word With A Champ. Marty and I have been riding bucking horses and now rodeoing for near four decades. He is a man I would not want to keep up with. It is fun to hear Marty’s perspective on his chosen and blessed life.

WWC Branson Taylor 07.30.18


Choctaw/Cherokee football player, my son, Branson Taylor is our guest this week on Word With A Champ. Branson is attending Chadron State College in northwest Nebraska on a scholarship for the talent he has developed as a running back. Yes, a proud dad visits about Branson’s academic and athletic experience in school.