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Monthly Archives: June 2019

WWC Ote Berry 06.24.19


Ote Berry is a four time World Champion and Hall of Fame Steer Wrestler in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Mr. Berry endured the physical and financial hardships en route to stardom in a merciless sport that tends to make colleagues seem like family. It has been a privilege to watch Ote from college days to now, in his success creating a Jr. Steer Wrestling League, supporting the youth and future of our sport and country. We are happy to have this man that is big, fast and smart, with a lions heart, this week on Word With A Champ.

WWC Keyshawn Whitehorse 06.17.19


It is fun to see Indian Country excel in any sport, especially rodeo sports. 2018 Professional Bull Riders, Rookie of the Year, Navajo, Keyshawn Whitehorse is our guest this week on Word With A Champ. Whitehorse is one of several American Indians in the top 35 headed to the 2019 PBR World Finals in Las Vegas. Keyshawn politely and modestly credits his family for his success, in a brutal game with big money and danger, where success depends solely upon on his own individual try.

WWC Colten Jesse 06.10.19


Seminole-Creek, Potawatomi Indian, PBR cowboy, Colten Jesse is our guest this week on Word With A Champ. The Kiowa, Oklahoma native started riding sheep at the young age of four and now at 21, he is one of the best in his chosen trade. His goal is to be the best in the Professional Bull Riders, Unleash the Beast Tour, in front of sold-out coliseums across America. It is more than refreshing to see a dedicated, polite young man strive to, and achieve his goals.

WWC Howard Wasden 06.03.19


Navy Seal, Doctor of Chiropractic and American hero, Howard Wasden of Georgia is our guest this week on Word With A Champ. Dr. Was is featured in a movie of courage, about a military chopper that went down in enemy territory. This man has solidified the dreams of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness through his life’s experience of trials and tribulations. We are honored to have Howard featured on Native Voice 1 Radio Network.