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Monthly Archives: March 2020

WWC Richard Ratley 03.23.20


The number six-man in the nation of the American Fighting Bulls, Richard Ratley is our guest on NV1 Radio Network’s show, Word With A Champ. Richard serves two roles with his talent, protecting bull riders as a cowboy protector, and skillfully outmaneuvering Mexican fighting bulls for spectator entertainment. He has been selected to serve the bull riders at the prestigious PRCA Prairie Circuit Finals and is full time, booked all year long in his trade. It is a privilege to share the insight of the success of a fine man, in such a unique occupation.

WWC Darwin Ehlers 03.16.20


One of my favorite individuals in life, Darwin Ehlers of Grace City, North Dakota, is our guest this week on NV1’s Radio Network show, Word With A Champ. Darwin is the main man behind the scenes in bucking bull and riding competitions. His wife Janet and Darwin have been successful raising two fine sons that have retired from riding bulls. Now they raise bucking bulls that compete with genetically designed animal athletes. An interesting sport that puts the care of God’s creatures first.

WWC Tanner Thorson 03.09.20


Dirt track racing driver Tanner Thorson of Minden, Nevada is our guest this week on Word With A Champ. Tanner has wheeled the OilFire Spirits Special to the winners circle across the continent from USAC sanctioned events, to the prestigious Chili Bowl Nationals in Oklahoma. We caught up with our MR. Thorson and visitEd about his dedication and challenges to success, in his chosen field.

WWC Dalton Krantz 03.02.20


The Bull Riders of America defending champion, 19 year old Dalton Krantz of Iowa is our guest this week on Native Voice 1 Radio Network’s show, Word With A Champ. An impressive feat in an association that provides good quality bucking bulls, ample prize money and capable contestants in the middle of our United States. Dalton’s ambition and desire is obvious in this interview with the polite and goal oriented professional athlete.