Dear Randy,
My family attended the Hart Ranch Rodeo yesterday, July 15. You did an absolutely amazing job! I kept telling my wife how great the announcer was. Here is why I thought you did such a great job:

  1. You seemed genuine and sincere from the moment you started speaking with the opening prayer and mentioning the concern for our country.
  2. You were engaging, informative, family friendly, & educational. I learned numerous things about cowboys and rodeos that I never knew before.
  3. You were knowledgeable about participants and their rodeo accomplishments and were affirming them when you could.

Thanks for making our rodeo experience much more enjoyable.
Neal Adrian

“We have used Randy at one of our speedways various times through out the years.
He is considered to be one of our premier announcers with his ability to keep the audiences attention during the slow times of the show. A definite positive addition to each event he has been present at.

He does his homework on the vehicles and their drivers to highlight their accomplishments. Randy even goes as far as to provide music to enhance introductions, action highlights as well as the thrill of victory and agony of defeat. Aside from the entertainment, he is also aware of the importance of sales in food / beverage and merchandise.

If you had Randy conduct a show, he will prove himself the first time.”
Ed Kirchoff
Gillette Thunder Speedway
Gillette, Wyoming
Black Hills Speedway
Rapid City, South Dakota

“Having worked in the arena business more than twenty years, I’ve seen and worked with my share of talented people and Randy Taylor is one of the best.
Randy is the announcer at our annual PRCA Rodeo here at Pershing Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. Randy’s delivery and style describe rodeo action to the audience in an entertaining and educational manner whether the fan is a seasoned veteran or a novice. Randy quickly gets “a feel” for the moment and brings excitement or silence at just the right time.
From a contestant and sponsor standpoint, he really does his homework to get the details. I know, we’ve worked on it together to get the details right. Randy’s one of those guys that does it right each time and puts the effort into it.
Another thing about Randy is he’ll go the extra mile to promote our rodeo at any hour of the day. If I say let’s go to the tv studio at 5 a.m. – he’s ready and talks rodeo as only he can. I can count on him each year to “sell” the rodeo to the media on our publicity tour. All I have to do is deliver him to the microphone and I have no worries…..he handles it all.”
Derek Anderson
Director of Marketing
Pershing Center
Lincoln, NE

“Hands Down… the Best Announcer in Motorsports!
Randy has been thrilling huge crowds of 20k plus for the AMP Tour for almost a decade. Never have I seen such great rapport from the families in the seats. Besides the best introductions in the business, Randy knows how to hold the crowd’s hand throughout the entire performance leaving every person who attends a smile and yearning to return. His vast experience in live events gives him the knowledge and calming charisma to address any situation whether it be dire or daring. I can strongly recommend Randy for any live event(outside of my event season) in any genre at any venue of any size with all my being. Your event would be blessed with such a great talent.”
Scott Hart
President/CEO AMP Tour

“We would like to commend Randy on his announcing excellence and his knowledge of rodeo. He speaks clearly and he laughs and jokes through out the performance which keeps the crowd entertained and participating. He makes sure the presence of the little kids is acknowledged and making them feel special. His tribute to all Veterans is especially appreciated by all those who have served their country proudly. We are pleased to call him our friend and look forward to the next rodeo performance that he announces. He’s the BEST!!”
Jim & Anne Nathe
(Rodeo sports fan couple that attend about 60 performances per year)

“Randy has always done a tremendous job for our fans and sponsors alike. He is very knowledgeable and does his homework on the contestants, stock, and most importantly the sponsors. Randy is always willing to go the extra mile to make each and every performance as good as it can be. He is a very deserving individual that will represent your event and the sport of rodeo with professionalism and respect and will be an asset to your organization.”
Wally Mosbrucker
Mosbrucker Rodeo Co.

“Randy has done a superior job in helping advance the name and brand of the NDARNG. Each event that we sponsored, Randy has taken the time to sit down with me to go over scripts and make sure everything is done correctly for the event. He drives people to our booth through his consistent reminders to the audience and through his enthusiasm about the Guard. He has an amazing way of creating an atmosphere of pride for our country and tying that to the NDARNG. In 2006 Randy was awarded the Freedom Salute Victory Medal at the 2006 NPRA Rodeo for his continuing support of the Army National Guard.”
Jennifer Raab
North Dakota National Guard

“The definition of an outstanding, skilled and talented event announcer in our world of rodeo is RANDY TAYLOR. He takes his job seriously and is dedicated each and every performance for the expert commentary to your event attendees.
He is always pleasant to the public, press and sponsors–showing his professionalism inside and outside the arena.”
Jerry W. Olson
Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, Specialty Act of the Year
10 times awarded top 5 PRCA Acts of the Year

“I had the good fortune of co-announcing the Laramie Julilee Days Rodeo with Randy Taylor. Randy is not only knowledgeable, but a complete announce. As general manager of the Indian National Finals Rodeo held in Saskatoon, I was very pleased with his performance there.”
Clem McSpadden
Former PRCA Rodeo Announcer of the Year
3x National Finals Rodeo Announcer
General Manager of the NFR for 18 years

“Randy Taylor is a refreshing new voice in the word of professional rodeo. He does his homework to present our contestants in a crowd-pleasing manner.”
Carolyn Vietor
Acting President of the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association

“Randy has a great deal of enthusiasm and knowledge of the sport of rodeo. He creates a very positive image with his announcing ability.”
Pete Burns
49 Years of Pro Rodeo and 38 Years of PRCA Stock Contracting