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Branson Taylor

WWC Branson Taylor 04.20.20 Pt. 2


My son Branson Taylor, Cherokee/Choctaw football player at Dakota State University, is our guest, in the second of a two part series on Word With A Champ. We are very proud of our son and his perseverance athletically and academically throughout his college career. He has overcome two major orthopedic injuries. Branson is presently the second fastest man on the team, on target in the weight room and is ready to play. His persistence has astounded me. We pray he will have the opportunity to shine on the field, and finish strong academically, amid this pandemic of 2020.

WWC Branson Taylor 04.13.20 Pt. 1


Choctaw/Cherokee college student, Branson Taylor of South Dakota is our guest, in the first part of a two week series on Word With A Champ. Branson is my son, we have interviewed him twice as a teenager in sports. Today we discuss the application of his sports passion, to his college major of New Media in English Literature, at Dakota State University. We are very proud of him and his academic and progress in life, at 21 years of age.

WWC Branson Taylor 07.30.18


Choctaw/Cherokee football player, my son, Branson Taylor is our guest this week on Word With A Champ. Branson is attending Chadron State College in northwest Nebraska on a scholarship for the talent he has developed as a running back. Yes, a proud dad visits about Branson’s academic and athletic experience in school.

WWC Branson Taylor 05.29.17


This Memorial Day episode is dedicated to brave fighting men and women that gave their lives serving in our United States Armed Forces. Thanks to their sacrifice, people like my son Branson Taylor have opportunities to graduate from high schools and colleges across our great nation. Congratulations to all graduates from NV1, this narrative is for you, Oh, the Places You Will Go! By Dr. Seuss. God bless you, the future of our beautiful America.

WWC Branson Taylor 01.16.17


Choctaw, Cherokee, Branson Taylor #160 Lb. wrestler, for Douglas Patriots High School in Box Elder, South Dakota is our guest this week on Word With A Champ. I am very proud of my son as he is finishing his high school career and preparing for college. He took time in between matches to read his sister, Raelynn, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and interview with us for a discussion about losing and winning.