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Words with a Champ

WWC Keenie Marie Word 04.18.16

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Keenie Marie Word, enrolled member of the Oglala Lakota Nation of South Dakota is successfully chasing her dreams in the country music industry. An inspirational story of a beautiful young lady, that lost her dad, Grady Word, when she was only 11 years old. Her mom Kelli continued tremendous support. Grady would be proud of the faith, determination and developed talent, Keenie is taking to Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee.

WWC Amanda Hubrey 03.28.16

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Amanda Hubrey is a bodypump coach. A full-body weights work out for anyone who is looking to get lean, tone, and fit fast. It is known as one of the fastest ways in the universe to get in shape. You can burn up to 590 cal in a one hour class while also toning the body. Instructors as Amanda, coach you through the scientifically proven moves and techniques why motivating you to accomplish your goals.

WWC Larry Mahan 03.21.16

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The, King of the cowboys, Larry Mahan is our guest this week on Word With A Champ. Bareback bronc rider, saddle bronc rider, bull rider and pilot, the combination of talent, responsibility and try led him to 8 World Championships in Professional Rodeo. Larry is the most eloquent gentleman I have had the privilege of interviewing. We appreciate his time to visit with us on Native Voice 1 Radio Network.

WWC Darren Paulson 03.07.6

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South Dakota high school state wrestling tournament director, Darren Paulson is our guest on this weeks episode of Word With A Champ. Mr. Paulson comes from a successful football background and has learned his directorship of wrestling by experience. His decisions have raised the bar for the sport of wrestling in his state. Indian country has capable programs that benefit from this mans leadership.

WWC Jim Giago Davies 02.29.16

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Ogallala Lakota, Jim Giago Davies is a columnist for Native Sun News in South Dakota. Jim provided a very interesting interview with his insight to Indian country, it’s Sports, and the youth involved. Mr. Davies provided some great foresight for anyone considering being a writer or journalist. Jim provided a very informative interview I think you will enjoy.

WWC Carolynn Veitor 02.22.16

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We are happy to have former Miss Rodeo America and present President of the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association, Carolynn Veitor, as our guest this week on Word With A Champ. The WPRA the oldest and one of the largest women’s sporting organizations in the world. The competition is second to none, in addition to being one of the most entertaining events in professional sports. The numbers are vast, considering the lady jockeys and horses involved. Carolynns active mind, class and consideration of others, provide the perfect person to deal with a lady’s horse racing sport this magnitude. Over the years, it has always been a pleasure to communicate with Carolynn Veitor as it is today.

WWC Ronna Heaton 021516

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Wrestling is one of mankind’s original sports. Traditionally a very demanding men’s sport that requires all of the ingredients of strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility and most important, acquired skill. Ronna Heaton has worked diligently to obtain that acquired skill and physical assets necessary to be successful and break tradition being victorious as a woman in a man’s sport. She has the full support of her father Timothy who admits to her success, where she is to modest to comment. Truly, a great story of dedication.

WWC Nathan Schaper 04.13.15

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It is fun to watch an individual mature as a person and better yet, succeed in their chosen field. We have watched Nathan Schaper do just that, as he enjoys his fourth season on tour with the Professional Bull Riders. Nathan grew up in the Dakotas and took the time to visit during a PBR Tour stop in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.