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WWC Pete Burns 02.17.14


Pete Burns made as big a difference in my life as anyone could. I am one of many men and women whom can say the same. For me it was a place to grow in our beloved state, at the University of Wyoming. Pete provided bucking horses and bulls… and a place to ride. I even got to produce an event and announce my first time there. Pete shared his beautiful ranch with me, every time, I asked if I could go ride and hunt. He and his sons have always treated me like a brother, in good, and some tough aspects of my experiences along the way. He was quick to provide me with recommendations, get me next to people and allow me opportunities that were out of my reach. He made sure I was able to obtain my dream to return and graduate from college. Most of all Pete was my friend and a mentor that was one of the most gentle and kind individuals I have ever met. I still benefit from his influence on me, these many years later that have gone so fast. I am sure God will open the gates of heaven to wide open spaces for this cowboy friend of ours. Thank you Pete Burns, may God bless you and your family for generations to come.

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